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Vision and Values

The Exoxemis™ technology platform has the potential to change the paradigm of infectious disease prevention and treatment by providing an alternative to existing antibiotics and other anti-infectives.
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Intellectual Property

We offer a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio in MPO and EPO technologies protected by more than 20 patents worldwide.
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Exoxemis, Inc. (Little Rock, Arkansas), a biopharmaceutical research and development company, develops haloperoxidase products for prevention and treatment of serious infections, to address the growing problem of microbial drug resistance. The myeloperoxidase (MPO) technology is a versatile platform that can be leveraged into multiple product areas, including medical, biodefense, industrial, veterinary, disinfectant, and agricultural applications.

We are committed to integrating our technology with the intellectual, financial, and commercial strengths of prospective partners to develop innovative products and long-term relationships.


Exoxemis is a privately held company that draws from academia, private industry, and government to maximize competitiveness, innovation, and intellectual capital. Our scientific team spans a wide range of research and clinical expertise with strong collective credentials in fundamental research, product development, pre-clinical, and clinical development. This combined expertise, experience, and demonstrated commitment to both internal R&D and partnership success enables Exoxemis to bring new and innovative products to the market.


Exoxemis supplies pharmaceutical-grade haloperoxidase enzymes. Manufacturing processes have been successfully demonstrated and our robust scaleable protein purification process is documented under cGMP requirements. Exoxemis will design and test MPO formulations to produce a steady stream of new products and seeks to commercialize products with partners who complement our capabilities.