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Haloperoxidase Enzymes Efficacy and Safety

Haloperoxidase Enzymes

MPO and EPO provide the basis for safe, broad-spectrum microbicidal agents against serious and resistant infections. more >>


Efficacy and Safety

MPO and EPO have been evaluated in pre-clinical studies, and MPO has undergone further Phase 1 evaluation. These studies show that both formulations do not exhibit toxicity or genotoxicity, and do not cause skin irritation or sensitivity. more >>


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Haloperoxidase enzymes, myeloperoxidase (MPO), and eosinophil peroxidase (EPO), work to kill a broad range of pathogenic microorganisms through a unique mechanism of action unlikely to induce resistance.

Exoxemis™ products are built on the fundamental discovery that MPO and EPO bind preferentially and kill pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi with minimal damage to host tissue. Induction studies in clinically important bacterial isolates found that resistance to MPO did not develop.

Fast-working formulations, broad-spectrum effectiveness
Exoxemis has created a broad proprietary base of predictive models, know-how, and intellectual property that form the foundation for commercialization efforts.

Extensive in vitro and in vivo testing demonstrates that our formulations are safe and rapidly cidal against a broad range of microbiological targets, including gram-negative and gram-postive bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses, and prions. The unique characteristics of the MPO system are:

  • Exhibits true broad-spectrum activity
  • Active at very low concentrations
  • Effective against drug-resistant organisms
  • Unique mechanism of action unlikely to induce
    antimicrobial resistance
  • Demonstrated in vivo efficacy
  • Safe in multiple animal species

Zempia™: Potent and Versatile Antimicrobial Activity
During the past 20 years, Exoxemis has developed Zempia™ (E-101), a broad-spectrum antimicrobial solution, for topical and local use in preventing microbial infections. Zempia™ is a porcine MPO (pMPO)-based system that selectively binds to target bacteria. It then generates highly reactive singlet oxygen that achieves microbicidal efficacy without substantial toxicity to the host tissue.

Zempia™ has been tested against many microbial pathogens of concern today, including organisms that are becoming resistant to standard antimicrobial treatments.

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