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Vision and Values

The Exoxemis technology platform has the potential to change the paradigm of infectious disease prevention and treatment by providing an alternative mechanism of action to existing antibiotics and other anti-infectives. Drug resistance poses a growing threat and there are few alternatives for the prevention of serious and resistant infections.

A novel approach

Exoxemis’ MPO system offers an alternative platform from which to build a new series of effective products based upon natural host defense mechanisms. This novel approach is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, yeasts and spores and promises to both prevent and treat infection without promoting resistance.

A unique mechanism of action

The MPO and EPO enzymes work by generating singlet oxygen as the active microbicidal agent. These enzymes bind selectively to the cell membranes of disease-causing organisms minimizing collateral damage to normal flora and host cells.

The promise of a new paradigm

Exoxemis proprietary technology offers the medical profession new tools to address the challenge of infection prevention and treatment.