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Applying highest quality science, research, and development to our partnerships and collaborations.

Strategic collaborations are an important element of Exoxemis’ business strategy, balancing continual independent research and product development with revenues from product partnering and technology licensing. The unique characteristics of the MPO and EPO technology platform — rapid cidal action, broad-spectrum activity, and unique mechanism of action — are particularly well-suited for prevention and treatment of serious infections and a variety of other medical, veterinary, agricultural, and industrial areas.

We leverage our scientific expertise, intellectual property and capital, and proprietary know-how to help bring new products to market. In addition to offering state-of-the-art capabilities, we also support academic investigators to help accelerate research and discovery.

We welcome strategic alliances to integrate our technology with the intellectual, financial, and commercial strengths of prospective partners to bring significant new products to market. Interested parties should contact us to discuss licensing and partnering opportunities.