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The myeloperoxidase (MPO) system is a versatile technology that lends itself to a variety of high value medical, biodefense, industrial, agricultural, and disinfection applications. Our primary R&D focus is on the prevention and treatment of serious and resistant infections.

There is significant opportunity to leverage the unique properties of the myeloperoxidase (MPO) and eosinophil peroxidase (EPO) technology platform into multiple indications, including biodefense.

Nosocomial Infections

The unique characteristics of MPO and EPO (rapid cidal action, broad-spectrum activity, and unique mechanism of action) are especially well-suited for preventing and treating the most serious types of nosocomial infections.

The incidence of nosocomial (or hospital-acquired) infections is estimated at 2 million cases annually, with 50% – 60% of those cases caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens. The costs of nosocomial infections in the US are estimated at close to $6 billion annually with treatment costs for antibiotic-resistant nosocomial infections alone estimated at $1.3 billion dollars.

Incidence and resistant infections increase

Nosocomial infections, including surgical site infections, urinary tract infections, and ventilator-associated pneumonia, are increasing due to the aging of the population and treatment of older and more immunocompromised patients in hospital settings.

These infections are caused by a changing profile of pathogens, which are becoming increasingly resistant to available drugs. While bacterial resistance is the major threat, viral and fungal resistance is expected to become more important. Few, if any, drugs are available to effectively address these rapidly emerging problems. The Exoxemis MPO technology platform offers an alternative to traditional methods of preventing nosocomial infection without contributing to antimicrobial resistance.


Biodefense is a public health imperative where timely medical countermeasures are needed to improve survival and minimize morbidity in disaster situations.

The sporicidal, bactericidal, and viricidal activity of MPO and EPO, combined with stability and portability, suggest the potential for multiple uses in preventing infections in conventional and biological attack, and other catastrophic situations.

A recent study by Exoxemis suggests that the MPO system may be useful in the prevention of anthrax and other infections caused by biowarfare agents. In vitro exposure of vegetative and spore forms of Bacillus species to the MPO enzyme system showed 100% kill of Bacillus spores within within 120 minutes. more >>

Product platform for easy portability and administration

Our technologies provide a platform for the development of products that include wound treatments, skin protectants and decontaminants, and respiratory agents. MPO enzyme formulations are active in gel, spray, ointment, and solution formulations that can be packaged for easy portability and on-site administration.