Exoxemis Products for the Prevention and Treatment of Serious Infectious Dieseases
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  • Haloperoxidase Enzymes
    MPO and EPO provide the basis for safe, broad-spectrum microbicidal agents against serious and resistant infections.
  • Efficacy and Safety
    Pre-clinical studies indicate that MPO and EPO are non-toxic, non-irritating, non-genotoxic, and non-sensitizing in various formulations.


  • Nosocomial Infections
    Multiple MPO formulations are in development for prevention of serious, and often resistant, hospital-acquired infections.
  • Surgical Site Infection
    Our unique MPO formulation holds the promise of a breakthrough in surgical site infection prevention.
  • Biodefense
    The MPO technology platform suggests the potential for use in preventing infections in conventional and biological attack situations.


  • Exoxemis as a Partner
    Applying highest quality science, research, and development to our partnerships and collaborations.
  • Lincensing
    We leverage our proprietary know-how and technology platform through product licensing and collaborations in areas of unmet clinical need.


  • Vision and Values
    The Exoxemis technology platform has the potential to change the paradigm of infectious disease prevention and treatment by providing an alternative to existing antibiotics and other anti-infectives.
  • Intellectual Property
    We offer a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio in MPO and EPO technologies protected by more than 20 patents worldwide.


  • News
    Exoxemis’ scientific team members are active contributors to the field’s body of knowledge in MPO technology.
  • Haloperoxidase Literature
    An extensive literature on haloperoxidases supports the broad microbicidal activity of MPO and EPO.